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Amateur Radio podcasts and videos

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Podcasts and videos related to ham radio

Brief summaries and reviews on ham radio related podcasts and videos that are available now. 

I try to watch a few episodes of these video podcasts every week.  You can keep up on all of happenings around the globe in ham radio, learn how to build and test your radio gear, get reviews on new radios, and have a few laughs.


Amateur Logic TV

Amateur Logic Video Podcast

Over the past year or so they are putting a new hour long episode out every month.  This is one of my favorites.  Starting back in 2005, over the years they have changed a few faces and gone through a few different formats of the show, but it is always entertaining and keeps me glued to my seat with a few chuckles through out the show.   The show now is based around 3 guys, George, Tommy, and Peter as they show off their current projects (Anything from raspberry pi builds, kit building of radios and other electronics, testing and troubleshooting, and experimenting with new ideas).  They break up the segments by answering questions from viewer mail, and keep the content fresh with interviews, visits to hamfests and manufacturing facilities, and a variety of other places any ham will enjoy.  They keep their website updated and also have a show notes available on a wiki page.

They have also recently started Ham College, a video podcast for teaching the basics of ham radio with some fun experiments and antics along the way.


Ham Nation

Ham Nation Video Podcast

Bob Heil and his team Gordon West, George Thomas (of Amateur Logic TV), Don Wilbanks, Valerie Hotzfeld, Amanda Alden, and Dale Puckett put out a new episode every week!  Each show is also about an hour long, some episodes move slower than others, but they usually have many segments throughout the show, from amateur radio news line giving you the top stories of the week in ham radio, contest information, smoke and solder (which is one of my favorites) in where George Thomas builds electronic kits, talks about electronics theory, and much more.  Good stuff!



EEV Blog

Hosted by David Jones, you will either love him or hate him.  With his show, Electronics Engineering Video Blog, Mr. Jones and his interesting Australian humor, deep knowledge of electronics, and is no nonsense in your face reviews keeps me watching every episode.  Although not directly related to ham radio, his shows are a mixed grab bag of tearing down old electronics (while explaining how it all worked), speaking about engineering theory while giving a very thorough explanation of circuit design, and showing how to properly use test equipment.  His following has been growing quickly over the years and I think if you want to refresh some of your electronics knowledge while having fun doing it, you will become a fan.  You won't find a more knowledgeable, entertaining host out there.



Hambriefs Video Podcast

I'm not sure what happened to this show, but it appears host Chris Matthieu has stopped making his video podcast.  There are about 73 episodes archived (coincidence?) on his site for you to download and I suggest you do.  They are more off the cuff short segments, but I enjoyed watching his show.  He still continues the ham radio social media site which includes with a very cool APRS gateway.


Ham Radio Now

Ham Radio Now

Ham Radio Now with Gary Pearce, usually puts out a couple episodes every month, sometimes more.  I have watched many of his shows, and they can be informative and entertaining, but some of his episodes tend to be rants about asking for donations.  His show episodes typically focus on a single topic, so you can pick and choose what you're interested in watching.  He does also provide an audio only download which is included in the RSS feed, but unfortunately his videos are not accessible through a similar feed.  I tend to watch a few shows now and again.


K7AGE Youtube Channel

K7AGE Videos

Although not a true podcast format, most of K7AGE videos are great, and he's got plenty of them to watch.  He talks about anything from antennas to getting started in digital modes and provides demonstrations on his show.  He has been a guest on a few other podcasts now and again and he seems like a stand-up guy.  He is actively producing more videos all of the time, so be sure to check him out.


W2AEW Youtube Channel

W2AEW Videos

This guy's videos are good!  He focuses on electronics building, testing, theory, with some ham radio mixed in.  He builds small test circuits, does neat things with oscilloscopes (as demonstrated in his picture) and he knows his stuff.  If you want to brush up on some electronics, and see some new ideas that can help in your hobby lab, this one is for you.


Zed Zed's Workbench Youtube Channel

Zed Zed's Workbench Videos

Dave Tadlock doesn't put out new episodes as often as some other shows listed here, but if you like building antennas, his archives will keep you wanting more, and he's got plenty of them.  Satellite, HF, and mostly all with easy to build designs, his antenna videos are great for experimenters and homebrewers.  He also has a website which documents many of the designs talked about in his videos.


Tx Factor

TX Factor Video Podcast

UK's premier amateur radio video podcast.  Just getting started, this show looks promising.  Dedicated to amateur radio enthusiasts, and starting back in February of 2014.  A new episode is being put out every few months.  I haven't had a chance to watch yet, as I just came across this recently although it does look promising.

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