Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:11

2014 Hamfests, Illinois and surrounding areas

2014 Illinois and surrounding areas Hamfests schedule.

A compiled list of local area amateur radio hamfests for 2014 for Mchenry, Lake, Cook, Kane and other surrounding counties in Illinois and Wisconsin. 

Hamfests can typically range from a small outdoor flea market style with only a handful of seller tables packed with boxes of junk found in their basement to a huge indoor/outdoor venue with a goldmine of antique radios, manufacturers selling brand new stock at discount pricing, every electronic part to fill in the gaps for your next project, antennas, coax and connectors, old and new radios, computers and anything thing else that can be useful in your ham shack.  The larger venues also can include food, raffles, and door prizes.  Parking and admission varies but is usually very affordable.  Just like your typical flea market, prices on equipment vary across the board and deals are typically to be had at the crack of dawn.

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