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How-To: Add devices to your addressbook in Crestron Toolbox automatically

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Using device discovery to automatically populate your address book with the IP addresses of Crestron devices on your network

This option is only possible if you are on the same network as your Crestron devices, if not goto Add devices manually

Items Needed:

  • Laptop
  • Crestron toolbox and supplementary files installed on your laptop (Crestron Login account required)
  • Network CAT5 cable

Step 1

Connect your network card to the crestron network.  Be sure your network card is set to the appropriate settings (static or DHCP address)


Step 2

Open Crestron toolbox and select Tools > Device Discovery Tool

Crestron device discovery 01


Step 3

Select Discover Devices button to automatically find the Crestron devices on your network and then click on the Address Book... button

Crestron device discovery 02


Step 4

Click New Address Book

Crestron device discovery 03


Step 5

Select a name for the new address book and save the new address book to the appropriate folder.  Any location is fine, the default location is C:\Users\<username>\My Documents\Crestron\Toolbox\AddressBook

Crestron device discovery 04


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