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How-To: Add devices to your addressbook in Crestron Toolbox manually

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Manually populating your address book with the IP addresses of Crestron devices on your network

Items Needed:

  • Laptop
  • Crestron toolbox and supplementary files installed on your laptop (Crestron Login account required)

Step 1

Open Crestron toolbox and select Tools > Manage Address Book...

Crestron manual address 01


Step 2

Click on Open/New and choose an existing address book to modify or type in the name of a new address book to use.

Crestron manual address 02


Step 3

 Click on Add Entry[F3] and name the new entry (try to select a name that describes the device ie: BoardRm_CP3 or 1stFlr-ConfRm-234 etc)

Crestron manual address 03


Step 4

Select the Connection Type TCP (Shown here is for network TCP/IP type connection, if RS-232 select the correct COM port of the serial RS-232 device on your laptop and you can usually leave all of the other options default).  Type in the IP address of your Crestron device (all other fields can be left blank/default) and click the OK button

Crestron manual address 04


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