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How-To: Loading compiled files with Crestron Toolbox

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Uploading compiled files to processors and touch panels using Crestron toolbox

Here are some simple steps to connect to a crestron system and load compiled files to the processor and touch panels

Items Needed:

  • Laptop
  • Crestron toolbox and supplementary files installed on your laptop (Crestron Login account required)
  • USB to Serial adapter or Network CAT5 cable (depending on your processor connectivity)
  • Pre-compiled code to load into the processor or touch panel


Step 1

Open Crestron toolbox and select Tools > Manage Address Book...

Crestron toolbox manual address 01


Step 2

Click on Open/New and choose and click on an existing address book to use and click Open

Crestron toolbox manual address 02



Step 3

Select Tools > System Info

Crestron toolbox load files 01


Step 4

Click on the drop-down menu located on the bottom left of the System Info window and choose from the list a device you want to connect too.  Once selected Crestron Toolbox will automatically try to connect to the device selected.

Crestron toolbox load files 02


Step 5

If you are properly connected to the device selected you should see a window like the one shown here, if not you may need to check your connections and verify the address book listing.  See manually adding addresses in toolbox

Crestron toolbox load files 03


Step 6

Processors - Find the Program section (usually located in the upper right hand corner of the System Info window) and click the right arrow.  *Note series 3 processors have multiple partitions called slots, and can have multiple programs on the processor (1 in each slot)

Touch Panels - Find the Display Project section (usually located in the upper right hand corner of the System Info window) and click the right arrow.

Crestron toolbox load files 04


Step 7

Click on the Browse button and locate the compiled file on your laptop. (*.spz for Processors, *.vtz for panels, *.lpz for Series 3 Processors)  For processor it is always a good idea to first Retrieve the existing file and save it to your laptop, in case of any issues you can always reload that file.  *Note you cannot retrieve files from a touch panel.

Crestron toolbox load files 05


Step 8

Click the Send button and your compiled file will download into the device.

Crestron toolbox load files 06


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