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Fishing Tip and Tricks

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Fishing Tips and Tricks

A collection of miscellaneous information on fishing

This page is always updated and may change without any notice.  It is a personal collection of links, information, tips & tricks, and guides for the given subject as I explore new ideas and projects.



Baits & Lures

- Weedguard




- Luhr Jensen Hot Shots


  • Designed for trout, bass, salmon, and steelhead applications
  • High action trolling and back trolling plug
  • Diver that floats at rest

Type: Hardbait
Color: Silver
Weight: 1 ½ in.


- Mepps - Aglia Ultra Lite Dressed


quick wrist snap just to get it turning, but once it’s going, you can slow down to the speed you need and the blade will stay in motion.

Type: Spinner
Color: Gold with yellow tail
Weight: 1/18 oz.


- Perfect Crappie Jig


    The BEST selling crappie jig in the USA!!! THE BEST OF THE BEST. As close to the colors of a small minnow as we could get!! Now also available in a ''HIGH VIZ' version. 
  • Cinnamon body, w/blue tail 
    Our original, which ALWAYS seems to work well under ALL conditions
  • Chartreuse body, w/blue tail 
    HIGHER VISIBILITY in the more DINGY waters created by the spring rains during the spawn period. 
  • Cinnamon body, w/chartreuse tail 
    Does exceptionally well EARLY and LATE in clearer waters when light levels are low and visibility is reduced. 
  • Pale Blue body, w/white tail 
    Our clear water 'go-to' color combination. 

Type: Jig
Color: Gray Ghost
Weight: 1/16 oz.


- Bass Pro Shops Triple Ripple Grub


Type: Jig

Color: White
Weight: 3" 1/8 oz jighead.


- Blakemore Roadrunner


Sometimes I'll tip them with a tube or grub to add even more action.

Type: Jig
Color: Chartreuse/White
Weight: 1/8 oz


- Rapala Fat Rap


Any color that imitates a generic shad is a good crankbait choice. I like a lure that can run shallow but dive up to 12 feet and has a good, tight wobble. Crappie tend to key in on erratic action over a steady retrieve. I instruct my clients to stop the lure frequently and change speeds often. It's subtle changes that catch a crappie's attention

Type: Hardbait
Color: Silver
Weight: 1.5"





Arbor Knot



Non-Slip Loop Knot

knot nonslip

Float Stop

Float Stop Knot2 





Midsouth tubes in some sort of variation of chartreuse. I like yellow and chartreuse or brown and chartreuse or pink and chartreuse. I put them on an eighth ounce Reeves jig painted either pink or white. I spool up an ultra-light spinning reel with six-pound vicious hi-vis line 




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