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Projects - 10W Radio CW Transmitter 7.023MHz QRP Station Kits + RF 5M-9Mhz Power Amplifier

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10W Radio CW Transmitter 7.023MHz QRP Station Kits + RF 5M-9Mhz Power Amplifier

HF Amp kit bought on eBay

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HF 10W amp





Ebay Description


10W Radio shortware CW Transmitter 7.023MHz Kits 
 HF amplifer 5-9MHz 40dB Ham

It is kits, you should solder by yourself. You can use 6-8Mhz 
Crystal  replace 7.023Mhz crystal without do any change.
it is  newest  product of our company, it is not only a CW Transmitter but also a HF power amplifier.we can provide datasheet. after you receive it , we will send the datasheet for you by email. 
power supply:
     input voltage       Working current(A)       output voltage Vpp (V)    output power(W)
         6V                          0.53                                     25.30                             1.6
        7.2V                        0.67                                     33.4                               2.79
       8.4 V                        0.78                                     39.2                               3.84
      9V                             0.82                                     42                                  4.41
     10.00V                       0.9                                       46                                 5.29
     12 V                           1.07                                     55.80                             7.78
    13.8V                          1.22                                     65.10                             10.6
    15V                             1.35                                     70.70                             12.5
Two modes:
1, 7.023MHz CW telegraph transmitter, you can fine-tune the frequency.
2,  5-9MHz 10W power amplifier
Telegraph transmitter mode:
use the 7.023MHz  frequency, transmitting power is 10W, @13.8V 1.22A
Emission control close control port, the oscillating unit has been working to avoid chirping sound.
PA mode:
input 1mW, output 10W, 40dB gain
Operating frequency range: 4-9MHz
Product Features:
Operating voltage 12-15VDC
Operating Current: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Input Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Size: 50 * 100mm
Weight: 51g

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