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Nokia 5110 LCD Backlight that requires ground

Use GPIO on Raspberry Pi to turn it on and off

Many times the Nokia 5110 LCD backlight is turned on with 3.3V (a current source), but many of the low cost LCDs from eBay are wired as common anode, meaning you need to apply a Ground (a current sink) in order to light the backlight.

Sunday, 20 September 2015 15:58

Altoids Tin dual 24 hour clock project build

Homebrew Altoids Tin DIY build of a dual 24 Hour clock, 1 for local time, and 1 for UTC time.

A quick an easy project, that takes very little time to complete.

What hasn't been stuffed in an altoids tin?  Like most tinkerer's, I too have strong curiously strong desires to stuff as many possible projects into these minty fresh boxes as humanly possible.  24 hour dual time zone clock is what I stuffed into one here.