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File transfer from console to console

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Different methods for transferring files to and from linux consoles

FTP, SCP, etc

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  • -P specifies what port to use (default is 22)

Recieve remote file to local host

scp remote_user@remote_host:/path/to/remote/file /path/to/local/file


Copy local file to remote host

scp /path/to/local/file remote_user@remote_host:/path/to/remote/file

example: scp -P2222 ~/router_scripts/ adminman@router:/tmp/mnt/data/scripts/




enable jffs partition on the router

Create services-start script, this will run the script in a separate process after the router starts

nano services-start

copy & paste below


# start script
/bin/sh /jffs/scripts/ &


Transfer it to the /jffs/scripts partition on your router

scp -P2222 /home/superuser/router_scripts/services-start  adminman@router:/jffs/scripts/services-start


Make the script


copy&paste below


# Script to monitor and restart wireless access point when needed
maxPloss=10 #Maximum percent packet loss before a restart

restart_networking() {
        # Add any commands need to get network back up and running
        #logger "autoreboot: rebooting..."
while true; do
#give time in between runs
        sleep 120
        # First make sure we can resolve google
        if ! $(ping -q -w5 > /dev/null 2>&1); then
                #Make a note in syslog
                logger "autoreboot: Network connection is down, restarting network ..."
        # Initialize to a value that would force a restart
        # (just in case ping gives an error and ploss doesn't get set)
        # now ping google for 10 seconds and count packet loss
        ploss=$(ping -q -w10 | grep -o "[0-9]*%" | tr -d %) > /dev/null 2>&1
        if [ "$ploss" -gt "$maxPloss" ]; then
                #logger file /tmp/syslog.log
                logger "autoreboot: Packet loss ($ploss%) exceeded $maxPloss, restarting network ..."


Make all of the scripts in the /jffs/scripts directory executable

chmod +x /jffs/scripts/*



You can view








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