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Freeflight Rubber Band Balsa Wood Planes

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Freeflight stick and tissue, balsa wood planes

Miscellaneous information and Links

This page is always updated and may change without any notice.  It is a personal collection of links, information, tips & tricks, and guides for the given subject as I explore new ideas and projects.


Where to buy Planes

Easy Built Models: - 135 different kits! THESE PLANES FLY using rubber powered motors. Kits include scale models, sport and competition fliers, and fun fliers that build fast and fly great. Many are extremely popular for conversion to electric and gas powered free flight.

Dumas: - For over 60 years here at Dumas we have been providing the model boat and model airplane enthusiast the largest selection of kits available. For so many years we proudly carried the nickname "The Model Boat People" but now-a-days we offer just as many planes as we do boats.

Peck-Polymers: - Founded in 1971, has many stick, sport, and scale kits

Sig: - few planes

BMRJ: - R/C and freeflight, I've never had any f their models, seems good quality

County Line Hobbies:  -  Hobby store, has Sig, Peck, Guillows

Penn Valley Hobby Center: - Lots of kits from wide variety of manufacturers

Hobbylinc: - kits

Bob Holman Plans: - Plans

Diels Engineering: - Laser cut kits, kits, plans, short kits

Ozark Model Aviation: - plans, short kits



Easy Built Models: - BIg selection of tools, glues, tissue, parts, props, magnets

Peck-Polymers: - Parts, tissue, Japanese tissue, winders, props, rubber

Sig: - Been known as some of the best rubber, also  has many parts and supplies, de-thermalizer fuse.



Covering with OS Film (Video) -


  • Titebond Original, also can mix 2:1
  • CA
  • Ambroid cement, (or Sigment) also can be thinned with acetone or lacquer thinner or dope thinner (Ambroid cement does shrink), best if double glued
  • Acetone dissolves CA
  • Ross Purple Stick, UHU Glue Stick for tissue

Double glue: For best results apply a thin coat of Sig-Ment to each surface to be glued. Let dry for 2 or 3 minutes, then apply a second coat and press parts together

If you have only thin or the joints are really bad, fill the gap with baking soda before applying CA

Ambroid, hard to find now-a-days,

CA Applicator Take a scrap stick of basswood or spruce about 6-8 inches longand about 1/4 by 3/8 inch cross section. Drive two pins through one end about 3/8 inch apart angled so the points just touch at their tips. -
Build your first flying scale model - Chapter 1 - Tools you will need -

Some info about model adhesives -

Very good info about building and flying -

Tips  -

J-3 Cub Build (Very detailed 80 sessions) -

Balsa Building Basics -

Build  ME163-

Step by step guide to masking and spraying markings and insignia -


Forums - R/C but has freeflight and many other categories of interest - Indoor / Outdoor Freeflight  -



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